Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love the Makeover

This summer we are trying some thing new.  Monday is our work day.  We do all the laundry, weekly bathroom cleaning, make bread, and what I'm calling moving prep. This is really just organize every corner of the house.  this week it was the closet in my bathroom.


My supplies:
-baskets that have been under the sink for 3 years waiting for me to use them again (last use)
-cheep peal and stick floor tiles  idea found on pinterest (confession I got these over a year ago)

Wire shelves are the worst.  They are the cheapest option builders can find. They are fine for baskets and bedding but terrible for small stuff. the tile work great to keep bottles upright.

Peal and Stick

I love makeovers but I hate when you can tell that half the stuff is gone in the after shot.  the reality is I can get rid of my stuff but I can organize it. The only thing missing from the before and after is some extra boxes and superfluousness packaging.   It looks good already

I actually added more toilet paper by utilizing the full height of the closet.

Make it pretty

 I like pretty things.  I think if you spend a little time making it pretty you are more likely to keep it clean.

make labels for the buns

I have a giant box of cheep brads but I didn't like the colour. 
 Solution spray paint stash and an old egg carton


I thought since i got a laminator for Christmas I would laminate my labels.  After all they are in a humid room so they should hold up better.

I thought I would have to get out my hubby's drill but the plastic was soft enough to use my screw punch.

  backed with a cutting mat and ready for brads


Confession #2 the brads didn't work to affix the labels to the shelves they ate tapes from the back.

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